The right idea
In cooperation with Intersport School of Snow Sports Rogla we have developed an application that greatly facilitates the work and provides greater transparency of input and output data, which they use daily.

The basic idea of the SKIS application was to digitize the management of ski courses, which were previously managed through various unrelated lists, making the loss of data a frequent occurrence while also being very nontransparent. Both teachers and students used to go to the information desk regularly to check their terms, which was a burden on the employees there, who were already responsible for admitting the students and allocating teachers.

Course management
Their work was comprised as follows: First, they had to admit the student and get all of their necessary information. After completing this task, they used various lists to determine which teachers were available at what time – this process was very time consuming since the list were scattered and they had no way to tell whether a specific teacher was even available during that week. The teachers had to come to the reception each day, where they would get a list of student and the corresponding timeslots. Besides that, it often happened that a student had forgotten the timeslot they were given and had to come to the reception again. At times when there was an increase in the number of applications the aforementioned reasons contributed to large cues, confusion and mistakes.

Integration of the SKIS application
With the introduction of the SKIS system, we made sure that all the necessary information is in one place and in transparent form that allows users to quick entries, fewer errors and less congestion at the reception. Teachers and students can now access all the information important to them via an external public interface, without the need to visit the reception. With this we simplified the work for the reception workers, as well as enabled the teachers and student to have on time ski courses without unnecessary hustle or worry.