We proudly presented one of the best ERP solution on the global market at the IFS event, which took place on the 4th of April in the Habakuk Hotel starting at 9:30am. We presented a demo version of ERP IFS. Our partners, who came directly from Krakow, were also available for all the questions and additional information regarding the IFS.

What is IFS?

IFS is a recognized solution that enables comprehensive and effective enterprise resource planning to optimize business processes and reduce operating costs.

In 2016 we have signed a partnership agreement with the company IFS, which is headquartered in Sweden, to cover the following territories: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

IFS strives for agile operations and is designed for rapid adaptation to changes. It is simple and graphically elaborate, which adds to your user experience.

Why the IFS information solution is good for you

    Exceptional business insights
IFS offers an attractive and intuitive working environment, regardless of whether you use your computer, phone or tablet. It’s ease of use and time saving characteristics improve productivity and efficiency while using the application.
    It brings true business agility
The most successful companies are those that adapt quickly to market changes. IFS is the solution that grows with your company in accordance with customer requirements and business development.
   Just what you need
Thanks to the different architecture of the application, you can choose only the business components you need. And, of course, add new ones, when your business progresses. IFS consists of more than 100 components, among which you will certainly find some for your every need.
    IFS is actually more than just ERP
It has built-in functionality for project management (EPM), asset management (EAM), production management, supply chain management services and customer relationship management.
    Cooperation at every step
Modern business brings a different way of doing things. You’re away from the office more and more - on the road or at the customer. With IFS, we offer the latest generation of communication and collaboration between employees.
    Development without compromise
We use agile development on all our projects and we have the tools, architecture and processes that support continuous change.


10.00 - 10.10 Welcome speech
10.10 - 10.30 A talk with Ilka Štuhec
We began the day in the winning spirit together with Ilka Štuhec, the winner of a small crystal globe in downhill and alpine combination during the season 2016/2017.
The talk was moderated by Bernarda Žarn.
10.30 - 10.45 Introduction of the LANCom – IFS*
Presentation of the partners.
10.45 - 11.10 IFS APPLICATIONS 9
Presentation of the state of the art system that enables comprehensive business management and support for business decisions.
11.10 - 11.40 Demo IFS APPLICATIONS 9*
IFS Live! A useful solution that works in a simple, understandable way.
12.00 - 12.30 Case study
Best practices in the world. Presenting examples of the introduction of the software solution.
12.30 - 12.45 END
12.45 - 14.00 Individual talks, demo
Get answers to your questions before they become problems.
* The talks were also held in English

Moderator of the event: Bernarda Žarn.

More specifically, we presented
IFS in industry IFS in services
IFS, with its sophisticated project module and document system is ideal for manufacturing companies in all industries. It helps manufacturing companies adopt good practices and take advantage of the global industry. IFS started its development of the service module in one of the most demanding industries - nuclear power - and reached a very high standard. Today, IFS provides perhaps the most sophisticated solutions in the field of service companies.