Jože Jurgec Foundation

The Jože Jurgec Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to help families and children in financial distress. It is named after the co-founder and longtime CEO of the company LANCom d.o.o., Jože Jurgec,, who has throughout his career and private life always led by example on how to help our fellow man.

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Purpose of the Foundation

The basic principle of work for the Jože Jurgec Foundation is to deal with all cases with compassion towards our fellow man. The Foundation will in the future respond in particular to requests for assistance for children from socially de-privileged families, which it will try to help by awarding scholarships and financial aid. The ultimate goal to which the Foundation aspires, is to enable children and families to at least partially relieve their worry and that at least for a moment they can experience some joy in their hearts.

Donation options

1. You can donate funds to TRR: SI56 19100-0011309381. Purpose: donation, purpose code: CHAR.

2. Alternatively, you can donate 0,5 % of your personal income tax, that would otherwise go to the state treasury.
You can do this as follows:
Fill out the form on the webpage eDavki, or print and fill out the form, then send it to the state financial office. The donation does not harm the taxpayer (the income tax will not increase) and helps the receiver in a substantial way. We accept you donations with happiness and gratitude. The money will be spent in accordance with the rules of the Foundation and given to families in need.

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We accept your donations with great pleasure and thank you very much.
We will use the money in accordance with the rules of the Foundation and is intended to help the families in need.

Jože Jurgec

The values set by Jože Jurgec remain the heart and defining recognition factor of LANCom. From the “postal” beginnings at PTT Slovenia, a sales job at Birostroj and the rise with his own company to the top of the IT market in Slovenia, Jože has together with an exceptional partner and selfless coworkers created a very special story. However, from all his successes his good deeds have left the biggest mark and in honor of that we have created this foundation. With the collected funds we do our best to help and leave traces that will be indelibly linked to Jože.