Secure and reliable exchange of electronic invoices.

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How it works

The purpose of the application is to manage the issued and received e-invoices, its annexes - further exchange with banks and e-archives, and link to ERP systems in an easy way.


E-invoices can be sent to customers via e-mail or imported into the banking program, through which the bank then “distributes” them appropriately. E-invoices can be signed with the certificate of all major issuers of digital certificates.


The application can import e-Invoices transferred from the banking program or obtained via e-mail. You can edit the received e-Invoices to include the information you need for your business.


Enables easy connection to the e-Archives of the desired provider. The service is intended for users who want to store digital documents safely and in accordance with the law. If you use this service, there is no more need for physical storage of received invoices.


Web application that does not require prior installation. Access your data anywhere.


By using e-invoices you will, in addition to replacing paper with electronic documents, significantly reduce costs and automate the process of issuing and processing which will accelerate all your business processes, reduce errors, improve control and simplify traceability that is important in audit.


While passing through activities, each invoice gets a certain status assigned to it. Statuses allow the user to quickly and easily find a particular group of invoices. Statuses are defined according to the client's needs and always ends with the status Completed.


By law, visualization is not required. It often happens that the only file in an e-Invoice is an XML file. This does not tell the basic user much, because it is written in a programming language. We use algorithms to change this programming language into a user-friendly visualization that lets you easily view invoices.


The application is simple and flexible. An automatic connection to the existing information system of the company can be arranged with little effort. This applies both to the creation of issued e-invoices and transfer of metadata into the system from received e-invoices.


Any activity on the e-Invoice is registered. This additional information is available from the e-invoice entry, throughout any changes and finally to archiving. In case of irregularities it is easy to immediately determine what is and was happening with the document.


The data that is on e-Invoices is usually not enough for running a business. For this reason we enable editing and adding of data. This added information enables a smooth transfer to the information system and filters invoices by custom categories.


The application allows quick and easy search for documents. Search is enabled for all your account data - including the amount or item. At the top of the page is a search filter by status, date, and other metadata accompanying the invoice.

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