Power BI

Change information into opportunity. Reach enviable results through business intelligence, with which you will make confident decisions based upon the newest analysis.

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Smart Tools for Powerful Results and Progressive Reports

With Power BI solution you will gain more than just an advanced analyticity spread across your company.

Processing Information

Integrated into Microsoft’s environment, Power BI analyticity enables extracting and processing information from more than 50 various data sources and showcasing those in your personalized control panel.

Producing Reports

Search for and share reasonable insights with hundreds of data views, installed AI performance, powerful Excel integration and built-in-advance and personalized data linker. Produce reports that will showcase information for optimal analysis and further decision-making.

Data Visualization

Many pre-prepared visualizations show a clear and manageable perspective of analytical data in control panel, enabling insights into data from an individual to organizations as a whole, wherever and whenever.

Help and consulting

We offer project planning, ETL of the process and filling of the data warehouse.
We build OLAP cubes, reports and dashboards, take care of training the users, maintenance and further development of the data warehouse.

Intelligent Data Processing for Monitoring Data and Business Decisions

Reduce additional costs, complexity and security risks with an intelligent analytical platform that enables insights into data from an individual to organizations as a whole, wherever and whenever. Use Power BI solution in various fields, such as sales, financing, personnel and others. Follow daily DIP on products, orders and sales through personalized control panel.

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Marko has been engaged in the development and implementation of IT solutions for more than a decade. Based on years of experience and acquired expertise he will help improve business processes in your company.

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