The use of cookies and privacy policy


Legal basis

The basis for this notification is the changed Electronic Communications Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 109/12, 110/13, 40/14– ZIN-B, 54/14 – US, 81/15 and 40/17). The law established new rules regarding the use of cookies and similar technology, which is used for saving or getting access to the data that is saved on a user's computer or mobile device.

What are cookies?

Our website uses cookies.

The operator of cookies and website is the LANCom d.o.o. company, Tržaška cesta 63, 2000 Maribor.

Cookies are small files that are used for website operation and their main purpose is to make the user's experience as pleasant as possible.

The cookies usually consist of a sequence of letters and numbers, which are downloaded to a user's computer, when they visit a certain website. When they return to that site, the website will get information about a downloaded cookie and it will therefore recognize a user. We use cookies, which tell us how many users visit our website and how often do they do that, but based on the feedback, they also give us information about what kind of offers you find interesting and based on that, we can adjust our offer to you wishes and needs. That is why there are different kinds of cookies.

Types of cookies that are used on our website

The cookie file/folder is a small random encoded text file/folder, which helps the browser to manage a certain website. A cookie file is generated on your computer by the website that you visited. When you visit the same website again, the cookie file that has been stored on your computer activates and your browser uses the data from the cookie file to make the browsing easier. It can help with the automatic login, it uses the previously saved settings everything you have already used on the same website. The cookie does not have an executable code and does not have its own »life«, but it just activates for the use on a particular website, which is created and saved on your computer.

Session cookies

The »Hello« from the moment you open your browser to the moment you end your session and close the browser. They are removed from your computer, when you close your browser. The website uses these cookies for saving the temporary information and they also help improve the performance and usefulness of our website.

Persistent cookies

They stay saved on your computer for cca. 6 months, even when the session is over. The website uses them for analysing the visits on our website, so that we can improve our offer.

Google Analytics cookies

They are used for collecting data about how our website is used and they also tell us the number of visitors on our website. This information, which is stored anonymously, helps us improve the user aspect of the website.

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We do not forward the data that is collected with the help of our cookies to third parties.

The Electronic Communications Act stipulates two exceptions, in which the website operator, who uses cookies, does not need user's consent.

  • Cookies that are used explicitly for sending a message via electronic communications network.

  • Cookies that are necessary for providing the information society services that the subscriber or user ask for.

  • Cookies, which cannot be used without the user's consent, are those cookies that enable better functionality, operation and a better user experience. These are also the cookies, which are connected with the social network plug-ins, which analyse the turnover (number of visitors, browser and keywords identification), marketing and advertising and in this case, it is very important to know, if the marketing is done with the help of the cookies from that website or from a third party cookies.

Cookie control

You decide, if you want to use the cookies and you can always remove them and consequently remove your online visibility. You can always accept the cookies entirely /partially or deny/ remove/ disable them. You can also set most of the browsers in a certain way, so that they won't save the cookies.